Who We Are

We are a small group of individuals, based in Cornwall, frustrated at the lack of progress in response to climate change, and amazed that still no-one seems to have noticed that peak oil is about to strike (if we’re not there already). There are currently just 35 of us. We meet when we need to, do what we need to, and support each other. If you want to join us, you’re welcome to contact us.

What we want

If you look at our vision and mission you will see the formal bit. If you want the informal bit, this is it. We want action, now, wherever we can get it, and we want to support anyone else who is doing the same. Most of us are involved in decision-making, and this is where the main push is coming. Some of us are involved in taking action at local level, or in our work, or at home. Some of us are good at talking, some are good at doing. Some are political, some absolutely not. It’s whatever we can do best and wherever our spirit takes us. So, we want awareness, action, preparation, adaptation. We want to alert the people of Cornwall so we can approach the future together, with confidence.


These are the people who helped to set up this website:

Ian Jones

Ian has been involved in community engagement, economic development, environmental conservation and education for over 25 years, he is currently Chief Executive of Cornwall Centre for Volunteers.

Oliver Baines

Former Chief Executive, Cornwall Rural Community Council, landscaper, farmer and environmental freelance. OBE in 2000 for services to the community. Hobbies: growing vegetables, arguing with his children, chasing sheep round partner's organic farm.

Wiz Baines

An MA student in Environment, Politics and Globalisation and an active environmentalist, Wiz has been campaining for several years with groups such as Greenpeace. She enjoys composting and arguing with her father.

Manda Brookman

Manda has been working in the field of sustainable development since leaving college about..um..20 years ago. She talks a lot and far too fast, loves debating and joining stuff up, and is currently the Director of the Cornwall Sustainable Tourism Project (CoaST). She also likes arguing with Oliver and Ian.

Paul Bright

Paul is Chief Executive of Cornwall Sustainable Building Trust which exists to raise awareness of sustainable building practices and so minimise the impacts of construction on the Cornish and Global Environments. Its target is to achieve a state where all parties are building towards the common aim of sustainability.

Mike Haywood

Mike has worked as an offshore oil production engineer for BP. He has been an Independent Financial Adviser in Truro for over 20 years.

Peter McGregor

Peter’s background is in life sciences, mainly research and teaching at universities. He is currently seconded to an environmental partnership with a strategic remit. Environmental issues revolve around people (the problem, but also the solution) and tend to be inter-connected (calling for joined-up thinking solutions). Groundswell embodies both characteristics … and they really don’t argue that much.

Lorely Lloyd

Involved in green movements for over 40 years and still passionate about learning how to live well with the planet, other people and me. Excited to be involved with the inspiring groundswell gaggle spreading hope here on planet titanic.

Matt Hocking

Matt has been designing for 14 years, three of which were spent heading up the graphics team at Eden.  There a creative brick struck him and seeing the error of his designerly ways he set up Leap Media and Go Jute to fight climate change through creativity.  Which is going well with the passion of a fab team and clients.. who he doesn't argue with yet..!

Mandy Milano

Mandy has a business and  leadership development background.  She came relatively late to the whole climate change / peak oil scene, and started her own not-for-profit, j&m sustainable developers, to communicate climate change and start to address the leadership challenges it all raises.  As well as being passionate about communicating climate change she loves sailing, red wine, and trying not to argue with her partner and 3 kids!

Matthew Trevaskis

Lindley Owen

I'm a Cornish resident since 1995,and a public health specialist.  My interests are sustainability, active travel, casualty reduction, nutrition and obesity.

Will Coleman

Stroppy Cornish Story-teller, Author, Filmmaker, Educationalist.  Kernow an telhar h'ye han telhar gwella!

Tony Wainwright

Tony Wainwright is a Clinical Psychologist. He is a specialist in older people’s mental health. He currently practices in Cornwall, mainly in Primary Care. He is local group coordinator for the Camel Area Friends of the Earth Group in North Cornwall and is Chair of the St Endellion Climate Friendly Parish project. He sits on the British Psychological Society Ethics Committee.

Andrew and Sue Biss

Andrew and Sue are partners of Primrose Valley Hotel, St Ives, and Andrew is also a director of Coast.  They are trying to build a successful business as sustainably as possible, however they are not perfect and will happily confess to having the odd guilty pleasure and vice!

We'd also like to say a big thank you to Tom Peake for all the fantastic design and administration work he's done on the site. Thank you Tom!