Groundswell’s Vision and Mission


We want to see Cornwall self-confident, outward looking, secure; creative and tolerant; socially and economically inclusive and stable; protective of its inheritance, landscapes and culture. We want to see individuals, families, neighbourhoods, communities and the whole Cornish economy ready to adapt rapidly to change, acting co-operatively, sharing resources, urgently pursuing new ways to sustain the quality and wellbeing of our lives. We want to see Cornwall approach the future with excitement and determination.


The future holds some serious challenges. Our mission is to alert the people of Cornwall, at all levels, to the realities of this century, of climate change and declining oil supplies, and the dramatic opportunities for personal, family and community action resulting from them. Our mission is to create and nurture the environment for rapid and dramatic change, and to describe and guide that change in a way that protects our vision. Our mission is to cultivate and develop collaborative actions to address the social and economic challenges ahead.