Welcome to Groundswell Cornwall

PorthlevenThis is about our world, our future and our children’s future. It’s about how we are going to prepare ourselves for a different world, with a different climate and with ever shorter supplies of ever more expensive fuels.

A world unrecognisable to us today.

We’re a local group frustrated at the slow pace of change; excited at the possibilities we face, unclear about what we all have to do but very clear we have to find out. We’ve no time to mess up.

On this site we have information and views on a variety of subjects. Each of them relates to an area of keen interest by one or more of our members.

We’re building it as we go. We want to use it for debate and exploration, and to share all we can. Time is short, and we need to get a grip on our future. Join us!

We have a vision, and a mission. If you share it, sign up and join the debate.

We’re not an organisation, and we don’t have a formal structure – our aim is to change the way we collectively see our future, working together to support new views on wellbeing and fresh ways of living and working.

And we want to help Cornwall become the resilient, innovative, self-reliant community we know we can be.

To contact us, simply fill in this form.

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